ATID Leadership

Atid is led by a diverse group of lay leaders who are passionate about building the Jewish future. They are supported by a full-time staff person and rabbi. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Alexandra Horn.

Morgan Tobey

I was born and raised in Dallas in a non-observant family. I fell in love with being a part of the Jewish community in college. I loved how everyone was so welcoming, silly, and committed to social justice. When I returned home, I started looking for a similar community and found here at
Emanu-El. When I’m not at temple, I’m working with kiddos and binge-watching Netflix shows.

Rachel Elkin
I grew up at Temple and am very excited to help bring us into the future. I’m working to make the world a better place, particularly around women’s rights, and I love the atmosphere and community Atid provides to help advocate and promote tikkun olam.

Talia Roffman
I moved to Dallas 2 years ago from Los Angeles and found Temple Emanu-El right away. I grew up in a kosher home with two wonderful and inspiring Jewish parents. I have a background in Aviation Management and am currently a recruiter for a regional airline. I love hiking and exploring the cultural aspects of Judaism, especially the food!

Bobby Gibbs
I grew up in Atlanta, went to college in Connecticut but have been a die-hard Texan ever since. My most meaningful Jewish experience was a year-long study of Jewish food law and culture. To this day, I love discussing food of all sorts, as well as books, music, Broadway and business.

Nicole Ido
Nicole Ido
I was born in Dallas and never left. Went to Temple for preschool and then found my way back while in college at SMU. I’m a pun-loving copywriter and love playing trivia with friends, traveling and going to concerts. I’m looking forward to building a bigger young adult community with Atid.

Danielle Sonego

Growing up very active in the Jewish youth scene in Dallas, it took me a few years for me to find my place within the young adult community – until I learned about Atid. I have enjoyed working with the Atid leaders to help others feel welcome, engaged, and involved in our Jewish community. I am a speech-lanuguage pathologist by day, and in my spare time, I like to read, travel, eat, and (try to) cook delicious food.

Amir Ellis

I was born in Germany, lived there until I was a teenager, and later relocated to Okinawa, Japan. I then went to the University of North Texas and studied Radio, Television, Film. When I’m not working as a marketing specialist, I focus on my playwrighting and my 4-legged pal, Bandit, the dog. Over the past few years, I have been looking to find a spiritual home and found Temple Emanu-El. My favorite thing about being involved with Atid are the people who are welcoming and diverse in their backgrounds.

Kim Fishman

I was born and raised in Dallas and an active member at Temple Emanu-El. I went to college out of state but then came back for graduate school where I am now a speech-language pathologist. I enjoy being outside with my dog and staying active through multiple types of exercise. Living in Dallas as an adult and building a Jewish life with my significant other has led to Atid, where I gained a community.

Alex Smith

Atid has a particularly special place in my heart because this is the first time in my life that I’ve been a part of a true Jewish community. Having grown up at Temple Emanu-El, I’m thrilled to be back as an adult and helping to build our Atid community. When not at work or Atid events, I enjoy baking new things and cuddling with my two pups.

Katie Potere

I grew up in Boston, MA, and moved to Dallas in 2017 after living in Indianapolis for four years. I was very active in the Jewish community in Indianapolis and was so grateful to find Atid when I got here. In my spare time, I enjoying going to concerts, trying out the newest brewery in town, and traveling. Most Friday nights, I can be found at Shabbat services here at TE. I’ve loved being involved with Atid and am excited to see what’s next!

Alexandra Horn
Associate Director of Social Justice & Young Adults
Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, my Jewish identity was always important to me. When I got to college, KU Hillel became my home away from home. From Jewish summer camp to my new role at Temple, connecting people to their own Jewish path and each other has become my passion. When I’m not doing “Jewish,” I can be found doing yoga, cheering on Jayhawk basketball and trying new restaurants.

Rabbi Daniel Utley
I grew up in Cleveland, OH–the child of an interfaith family. I was active in my synagogue, became involved in youth programs, and attended Jewish summer camp where Judaism developed into a central part of my life. My mission as a rabbi is to help my peers take ownership over Jewish knowledge and traditions, bringing them into their lives to make meaning. I look forward to great times with Atid!



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